December 19, 2011

Update on the babe

If you keep up The McLendon Whereabouts
you know that the babe had been sick 🙁

Just wanted to update all of you that he 
is doing much, much better! 

He’s off of his antibiotics
and we’ve been able to take him off
of the breathing treatments 
{they were treating him for bronchitis & whooping cough}
{{and yes, we did get him vaccinated}}

We are so thankful to be off the breathing treatments.
For a kid that takes nice morning & afternoon naps–
the treatments wired him & there were no naps to be had!

We felt like we were single parents…
one of us would get home from work,
then the other would leave to go to work.
Not. Fun.

We were suppose to have our
first official family of three
vacation to the beach last week…
but decided to postpone it due to the little one.
We hope to go in January!

But isn’t he cute?
I love this picture.
He’s totally worth it!

How are you this Monday?
Christmas is coming.
You ready?

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