January 9, 2012

Jude Robert, You Are Ten Months Old!

Ten Months old already and we’re already
discussing your first birthday!
How in the world did that happen 
my little man???
So much happened during your tenth month!
For starters you 
had your very first Christmas!
So much fun!
You LOVED opening
Another big milestone for the month
The week before Christmas you officially
went from Army Crawl Master
to Speedy Gonzalez on all fours!
It made Christmas even more fun!
We finally had your 9 month well visit when you
turned 10 months old!
You weigh 18 pounds, 11 ounces
(only in the 10th percentile)
And you are 28.5 inches tall
(40th percentile)
(only 1.5 inches away from having to get a new car seat!!!!)
You are super active now,
so we’re blaming your low weight on that…
because you sure do love to eat!
You’ll eat just about everything we give you.
I’d say you do have favorites though
and that’s sweet potatoes and 
a banana/pear/apple mixture I make for you!
We continue to introduce you to new things
like zucchini, lentils, and wheat just to name a few!
We’ve figured out that if we mix
your chicken in with your applesauce, 
you will eat it!
You can still fit in some of your 9 month clothes,
but for the most part we’ve 
moved into 12 month clothing.
When in disposables,
you wear a size 3 diaper.
You’re still holding on strong with 5 teeth.
No new ones for month number 10!
You started to sway a little from your
normal schedule.
Your morning nap is not always a guarantee.
Mama’s not ready for you to give that up completely!
You still take a solid afternoon nap
and sleep 12 hours at night.
You love to pull up on everything. 
One of your favorite things to do is crawl over to your walker
stand up, then push your walker around
the kitchen.  It is the cutest thing!
We’re debating about what your first word is..
as you started saying something to the resemblance of
HEY early on…
but officially on December 10th you said…
(and continue to say it over and over….melt.my.heart.)
Also on this same day you started shaking your head
back and forth.
Not sure what that means that both of these
came on the same day!

You LOVE to read!
We read your favorite book,
Daddy Hugs 123
each night while you are in the bath tub.

You got sick again during this month. BLEH.
Mommy was driving back and forth each
day going to the Passion Conference.
GNan and Daddy took good care of you
while you were sick.
The doctor said it was some type of viral infection
that your body was fighting off.
You had puss on your tonsils,
but thankfully tonsillitis was ruled out!
You are still a breastfed baby!
(One year is our goal!)
You nurse 4 times a day
and eat 3 solid food meals a day.
We had a few milk flow issues, 
where you had to be supplemented a little bit
while we worked on things.
Thankfully with help from the doctor
and the lactation specialists we are back on track!
Even had enough milk back in the freezer 
for Mama to go to the Passion Conference!
You are a joy in our life.
We thank Jesus everyday for you
and can hardly believe you are already 10 months old!
Thank you for being the sweet, cuddly,
calm natured baby that you are!

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