June 6, 2012

Scotland; A step of faith

God provides.  He always does.  I have watched Him time and time again provide for my little family.  When it comes to the ins and outs of daily life, He provides.  When it comes to mission trips, He provides.  But what happens when He calls you to two mission trips–in one summer?  I still believe God provides!

We are thrilled beyond belief that Robert has the opportunity to go to Scotland this summer just as I did 2 years ago.  It is a beautiful partnership that we have with a church over there.  It’s beautiful to see time and time again God show up in a little lodge each summer as a Summer Camp is held.  And this summer he’s called my husband to be a part.

Here’s the kicker.  We’ve already done the support raising thing for our first mission trip of the summer.  Which means we are walking in an even greater faith that God is going to provide.  I have been asking the Lord for creative ways that I may help with this endeavor.  Some may remember that my little corner on etsy started as a fundraiser for my mission trip to Scotland.  That little corner has evolved over time and the Lord has used it time and time again (to buy my hubby a Christmas present, to pay for a medical bill for Jude, just to name a few).  I feel it is time again to open up this little corner to help fund a mission God has called my family to.

Here’s what I feel led to do.  My little corner has evolved from pins and barrettes, to necklaces over time.  I’m really excited about the necklaces as it came out of a need in my own life.  The necklaces normally sell for $12.  I’m going to mark the price down to $10 and all of the proceeds will go towards Roberts trip.  Are you local?  I will refund you the shipping (or msg me ahead of time and I’ll make a custom listing for you minus the shipping) and I’ll meet up with you or send it with Robert to the Daily Grind.

Want to take a look at them in person?  Just let me know!  I’ll gladly meet you!  Looking for a specific color?  Let me know!  I’ll gladly do a custom order (for the same price!).

You can make a purchase and support Robert’s trip here.  I will refund you the $2 plus the $3 shipping (if you are local) in Paypal.

Thank you in advance for your support of my family.  We are giddy over the ways the Lord allows us to be a small part of His advancement of the Kingdom.

Walking in Faith,

**If you would like to support Robert without purchasing a necklace, you can do so online by clicking here:  http://www.riverstoneonline.org  Click the “Online Giving” button, then select the “Scotland-Pinto” trip.  On the memo line please put:  Robert McLendon.  **All donations are tax deductible.**

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