February 13, 2013

I’m proud of us

This is week six of half marathon training. One day soon I plan on writing my whole running journey that began back in September and sharing it with you, but for now I want to share with you the now. I do believe this is where the saying “the rubber hits the road” comes in. This.is.hard. The weather this week has been awful. I’ve put off running as long as I can this week and today was the make or break it day to stay on my training plan. Everything in me was screaming no…all the while I was lacing up my shoes.

Thankfully I have a training partner. Thankfully we know how to speak life and encouragement into each other even when neither one of us want to get outside and do this thing. My sweet friend lives four hours away, but I can promise you I would have quit by now if it weren’t for her. We both have had the same kind of week….life is busy…and the weather is nasty…and discouraging.

Today-we both made the decision to say yes-and I am so stinkin proud of us (and I think it’s okay for me to be proud!).  Today we chose the hard, the not fun, and the not easy. I feel like there were so many life lessons in just the choosing to go for the run today. Life lessons….and blogs….don’t you worry….as the miles increase these wheels are turning….I may just be returning to blogging my friends!

Just a side note–to be honest with you, Katie’s the real hero–I just have to haul myself around the neighborhood. She’s pushing a double stroller around her neighborhood!

Just one of her two running partners today-I tell you-she’s my hero and I’m so thankful for her!

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