March 5, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Jude Bug!

Happy Birthday my sweet one. I can not believe it’s been two years since you have entered our lives. We can not imagine our world with out you in it! You bring us great joy and we love watching you run into the beautiful person God created you to be. With each new day we feel like we learn something new about you and I know this is only the beginning. We love watching you seek Jesus. Thank you for reminding us daily to have childlike faith. You are a true treasure.   May year number three take you into the deeper things of Jesus.  May you hear His voice even clearer than you do now.  May you sense His presence in a deeper way.  Thank you for reminding me of who Jesus created me to be.  I love you, my sweet son!!

Thank you for a great day!!!
You do not stand still long enough for me to take your picture…….I’m not complaining….run…!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy surprised you and brought in treats for your classroom!!!

Daddy sent flowers to mommy at work today!!!

Spaghetti for dinner and birthday balloons!!!!

Lots of good, quality, family time tonight!!!

…and with Aunt Mia too….

Happy Birthday Jude!!!

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