March 27, 2013

McLendon Missions 2013, Part One

This Summer Robert and I each have the privilege of leading two different mission teams.  He’s headed to Scotland, I’m headed to Costa Rica.  We each wrote a short letter a few weeks back and I thought I would take a moment to share it here on our blog.  Tonight we thought we’d share Costa Rica with you.  Tomorrow we’ll come back and share our heart for Scotland with you.  Thank you for partnering with us and praying us through what God has called us to!

“Last week I laid myself before God’s alter and wept.  Overwhelmed by how much He has called us to and at the same time completely humbled by it.  When I look at the summer before us–all I can say is Jesus you have to do this.  The beautiful thing is–I know that He will–and in the midst of it we get to watch hundreds of teenagers encounter Jesus.  I am truly thankful for what He has allowed us to be a part of and humbled that we get to play a small part in the lives of these teenagers.  Our summer kicks off with me, Kristin, leading a youth team of 15 to my beloved country of Costa Rica.  Why the Lord allows me to return to the country of my very first mission trip over and over, I do not know, but I am truly thankful.  Each time He shows me new levels of His heart for ME–and for that I will keep going back.  On a less selfish note, this summer our youth team will be deepening our relationship with the Abraham Project and partnering with RiverStone sent missionaries, Jonathan & Amy Griffith.  We will be working with the children at the Abraham Project’s on-site Day Care Center and Children’s Home.  We will be doing construction work, hosting Youth Group, Host Home Date Night Out, and doing local outreach. Mission trips are all about going and serving-but for me as a student pastor, I love watching the change that happens in my students.  There aren’t words big enough to describe it – except to say that I will do this over and over, and as often as the Lord will allow me!    Please be praying for the unity of the team, those that we will minister to, and the hearts of my students!  We will be in Costa Rica from June 3-11.  Then it’s Summer Camp here in the states June 30-July 5.  We take nearly 400 of us to Covington, Ga for a week away with Jesus.  Jesus has entrusted me with much, and I just want to honor Him and bring great glory to His name!!!”

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