March 28, 2013

McLendon Missions 2013, Part Two

This Summer Robert and I each have the privilege of leading two different mission teams.  He’s headed to Scotland, I’m headed to Costa Rica.  We wrote a letter a few weeks back and thought it would be good to share our heart here on the blog.  Last night we shared Costa Rica with you.  Tonight we are sharing Scotland.  Thank you for partnering with us and praying us through what God has called us to!  –Kristin

“I had the privilege of going on a mission trip to Scotland last July, and now I am leading a team of twelve back this year.  I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds more like a vacation to a Christian country.”  All of the mission trips I have been on overseas have been to Christian countries to minister to Christians, but this trip was different.  I thought this trip would be a group of Americans holding a summer camp for a bunch of Christian UK kids.  I was wrong. 10% of the Scottish population is “churched,” and less than that have a true daily walk with Jesus.  This trip was the closest I have come to ministering to an unreached people group who have never heard the gospel and been impacted by the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Christian kids do come to this camp, but 50% percent of the kids that come have not heard the story of how the creator of the universe desires to love them.   Lives are changing, and communities are being transformed because of this camp.  Christian kids in Scotland are ostracized in their schools, beaten up for wearing camp t-shirts, and made a mockery by their peers and neighbors.  But we believe God is on the brink of doing something new in that country through these kids.  We long for more. I work our RiverStone summer camp here June 30 – July 5, and then I will lead one in Scotland July 14 – July 19.  We will be working with a local pastor transplanted from Zimbabwe and his church in Stewarton.  Please go with me in prayer.  I 100% believe in these efforts, and in the message these kids haven’t heard yet.”  –Robert
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