April 8, 2013

A Fresh Start

Last Monday morning I woke up with a newness in my heart.  It was for starters a Monday morning.  There’s something about a Monday–like a chance for a do-over (am I the only one that feels that way?).  Then it was April 1st.  The combination of the two did something for my heart.  February and March were long months for the McLendon household.  February was especially hard and March just felt like we were trying to dig out of the hole that February created for us.  With all that said I welcomed Monday, April 1st with open arms.  I woke up early, eagerly anticipating all that the Lord had for me in the Secret Place and the word He gave me was “A Fresh Start.”  Thank you Jesus.  I whole heartedly receive that.  As I pondered on that throughout the day, I thought-I may even blog about this one.  Yes, an April 1st-a blog entry would be good.  Who doesn’t need a “Fresh Start”?  Of course, the day got busy and I felt my time to blog go slipping through my fingers and as I laid down to sleep that night I thought, it’s okay, I can still blog on the 2nd, it’s not too late.

 The next morning, as I stood in the kitchen fixing little man his breakfast he proceeded to get sick all over the kitchen floor (with no fair warning at all–somehow that is so unfair–to both of us!!).  As I rushed to clean him up and settle him down, I felt my “Fresh Start” and April being different than February and March not just slipping away, but being stolen by the enemy (these were the lies that were quickly coming at me–just being honest here).  

Tuesday quickly turned into friends covering shifts and Robert and I playing tag as we each ran back and forth from home to work to home to work as we each had meetings we both had to be at through out the day.  Wednesday turned into much the same with an added bonus of a friend leaving dinner in the church refrigerator for us to pick up.  If I have learned anything in the hard months of February, March and now the first week of April, we are not alone and our community has kept our little heads above water (so, so, very thankful for our RiverStone community!!).

Now, back to my “Fresh Start.”  Jesus gave it to me one week ago today.  Little man may have been feeling better on Thursday so we sent him back to “school”, just for him to wake up from his nap on Friday at 4:30pm screaming, “IT HURTS!!”  So off to immediate med we went–an ear infection and ten days of antibiotics for us!  But here I am, once again on an absolutely beautiful Monday morning… again.  It’s not April 1st, it’s April 8th, but I’m still claiming it for all it’s worth.  The winter is gone, the Spring has come.  The McLendon’s need a Fresh Start.  We need the Fresh Air.  We are drinking deep of all the goodness of Jesus as He says in Isaiah 43:19, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”  A Fresh Start.  Jesus has that for me today (I’m claiming it with every ounce of my being and not letting the enemy steal what Jesus has given me).  If a Fresh Start is what you need today–know I am praying for you!

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