February 15, 2014

January Check-In, #RunLove & Happy Valentines Day

Hi friends!  Are we already hallway through February?  Back to back to back conferences or retreats and hello two snow storms in GEORGIA–that is how we got to mid February!  I had big plans to hop on here and tell you all of my big goals for 2014—I even started a post at one point—and well you see how far that got!  I did just want to hop on here tonight to check in for my #RUNTHISYEAR community!  How is everyone?  How did January go?  How is February going?

Here is my honest check-in.  I am no where near my 2014 miles in 2014 goal BUT I ran ZERO miles in December due to sickness.  The fact that I jumped back into running in January and logged 31 miles makes my heart very happy.  So–I am going to take it for a win and keep on keepin on….following January’s #RunThisYear theme #rundetermined !!!  I felt very determined in January!  How about you?!

February’s theme for #RunThisYear is #RunLove.  I love this theme.  Thinking through all the reasons why we love to run.  Just a few to throw out there off the top of my head—it is a mental release for me.  It is where I can encounter Jesus.  It is where I can pray, think, clear my head.  It is where I can take a deep breath of fresh air.  It is where I can worship.  I have found that my body craves a run.  It’s a stress reliever.  This may sound weird, but it is for “me.”  I have 30 minutes (minimum) by myself. 🙂  I love the challenge.  I love having the goal.  I love completing one goal and then immediately going after another one.  You cross one finish line and you are ready for the next one!  I have now entered into the realm of pushing my body a little bit harder to be a little bit better–to go a little bit harder…and totally fascinated by other runners who push the limits.  The best part I have found of being a runner?  The community that you become a part of when you become a runner!

So tell me!  What do you love about running?  What gets you to go out there when it is so, so cold outside?  What makes you run ridiculous miles over and over again on a treadmill?  Tell me and share it using the hashtag:

Speaking of LOVE…Happy Valentines Day my friends!  I hope you each had a great day!  Ours was filled with beautiful family time and the things that are okay to bend the “rules” for a day (donuts, take out, picnics, cuddles, & movies on the living room floor!).  
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