February 21, 2014

Yvonne is Running This Year!

Happy Friday Friends!  Excited to share another #RunThisYear Runner’s Profile with you today!!  Don’t you just love this community?!  

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Yvonne!  Praying you each are encouraged as we share her story today!!!

Hi Yvonne!  I believe one of the best ways to be encouraged is to hear one another’s “stories”.  So let’s start out by hearing YOUR Story!  Tell us your “Running Story!!”
Growing up, I was a tall-uncoordinated girl.  I was never, NEVER, picked to be a part of a team.  I tried out for everything – volleyball, basketball {hello .. I did say tall}, softball and cheerleading (not even sure what I was thinking there-remember “tall-uncoordinated”) and wasn’t selected for a single one.  The only thing I could join was band {tallest trombone player in the marching line-up}, ha, because I couldn’t be turned down!  In my head – I am not an athlete!
I sit here now, a “twenty-year wife”, mother of two crazy teens and a 4-legged pup.   I am a vegetarian, part-time vegan foodie, and a dedicated running road and trail {race} fan.  Some may even say now an athlete.  Somewhere in my later 3rd decade, I decided to really run full force and haven’t stopped, only sped up!
Are y’all encouraged yet?!  I am! 🙂  

Is this your first year participating in #RunThisYear?  What is your goal for this year?
This is the first year for RTY for me.  I watched from afar last year and was mad I didn’t join in.  So this year I was ready with my goals:  an Ultra and 2400k or 1200 miles for 2014. 

Having a schedule and a race to prepare for helps me stay on track.  This year (running wise) so far will be my biggest race accomplishment.  The goal is to cross the finish line feeling strong and happy…then there may be a second Ultra shortly after!!
Tell us about your favorite race to run and if you follow a training plan to meet that goal!
I did my first “race” almost 11 years ago and it was a full marathon — it wasn’t graceful, fast or love at first run either (up until this last California International Marathon 2013, I disliked full marathons).  Yes,  I learned the hard way TRAIN PROPERLY and you succeed. It was after my first not so fun marathon when I fell in love with the half marathon distance, my first one in 2007.  Since then, I have ran approximately 17 half marathons, as well as 4 full marathons, three 200-mile relay races (Ragnar Relay) and several road and trail distances in between.  None of my races have been “easy” but I have found that if I stick to a schedule and stay consistent I finish successfully (as mentioned above this too was learned several races into my journey) — and I am always ready to sign up for my next!

Right now, I am now just a few weeks out from my first Ultra 50k (on March 8th!).  I started running the trails about 3 years ago and  I love it! I am currently following a plan from Tiffany (Running Hutch) and one from a local running store.  I’ve also recently added strength training into the mix.  I really do think it’s added to my successful long training runs that have varied from anywhere from 13-24 miles, with my longest trail run to date coming up tomorrow…26 miles!!!!

To close us out, do you have any tips to encourage us with?
One of my biggest tips or lessons that I’ve learned is to stay consistent with a training schedule.  It is okay that some days are good run days and some not so good.  It is the act of continuing to move forward that makes success. For me I feel so lucky and blessed with my running friends who motivate, inspire and cheer me on every mile along the way! Seriously some days you don’t feel like running, but once I get out there it is like therapy, and it turns every day into a better day! 

I also finally feel that I have learned how to properly fuel my body for endurance training.  In several races and during training in the past, I found myself crashing towards the end or immediately after.  This too is something that I finally took seriously and stuck to.  It has made a huge difference in the way I feel during and after long runs. 

Thanks Yvonne for encouraging us today!  

Yvonne has her eyes set on her BIG RUN–Ultra50k just around the corner and her longest trail run TOMORROW!  Let’s jump in and encourage her today!!!

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