October 19, 2014


When is it that you re-start your blog?  Is it August 1st like I originally intended?  Or Maybe September 1st?  Or wait, October 1st?  Or the start of Fall?  Or maybe just go and publish all the drafts that are waiting in the ole blogger window….’eh how bout October 19th.  That sounds like a good day.  Although I don’t know where to start.  The last time I posted was in February and to be honest that about sums up our year in the McLendon household.  We knew it would be by Gods grace that we survived 2014 and after this past week, all back together under the same roof, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe I’ll be able to process this past year one day.  But for one thing I know it’s Jesus that I held onto ever so tightly.  Knuckles are a little whiter that’s for sure.  Faithful is who He is.  Jesus.

Cheers to actually hitting publish on this blog post.  Cheers to my theme song of 2014.  Thank you Jesus for being my source.  Thank you for being faithful and being the One that remains.

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