Join me in November?

This past November, I was thrilled to have a Girls Night out with my friend Dorie. Now you should know something about our friendship…it’s not a typical one. We have been known to fly across the country together and spend 32+ hours together in a van, running 200 miles…so a girls night out would none other consist of a 5k! I was excited to spend this time with her + have a night race—something I had never done before!
We had a great time and a great stroll through Piedmont Park in Atlanta. This is a favorite spot for our little McLendon Fam, so I was excited to do a race through the park!
Following the race, it did not take much to convince Dorie and I to sign up again for 2016! We had such a great time and the food after the race was the best I have ever seen (we all run for the food don’t we? And well the t-shirt–and I love this tank by the way!). 
I was elated to be contacted soon after and asked to be an ambassador for Esprit de She 2016! YES PLEASE! I love this race so much, I had already signed up for it, and now I get to encourage my friends to come run with me–and give them a coupon code! YES!!!  
So here are the details:
Join me (and Dorie!) in Piedmont Park, in Atlanta, on Thursday, November 3rd for a Girls Night Out!
Pre-Warm Up starts that day at 6:05pm (with packet pick up beginning at 4pm) and the 5k race begins at 6:30pm! Wanting a little more? They do offer a 10k and that race starts at 7pm!
For all the details of the 
When you go to register, be sure to use COUPON CODE: 
to receive $5 off of your registration fee!
Who doesn’t like a coupon?
I can’t wait to run with you in Atlanta in November! 
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