Jesus, Pneumonia, and a Marathon

I am less than two months past pneumonia and less than two weeks out from my first marathon. According to doctors I should still be hacking up my lungs. I only have one explanation for this and His name is Jesus. On my run yesterday (it was only a 5 miler) I was worshipping and thanking Jesus for this miraculous recovery and was thinking about writing this blog post. Then almost immediately doubt crept in. What if I don’t finish. Should I wait till I finish my marathon to write this post. Then almost immediately (again) the word TRUST came to mind. And I just started saying that word over and over again as I ran those laps around the neighborhood (by now I have a good 1mile route nailed down). I trust you Jesus. I 100% believe YOU have healed me.

This journey to my first marathon has not been what I was expecting. I had not expected to have a week in the hospital and a full month of being on bed rest. But if I needed a lesson in the power of prayer and trusting in Him, I got one. I attended our church’s Night of Healing Prayer and just wept as our people prayed for me. Begging for mercy and wanting to return to “life”.  The next day I had my first full day of not sleeping in the middle of it. Glory be to God.

That next week I slowly began returning to work, and that weekend we had a guest speaker at church. At the end, the Lord used him to prophetically speak into our people. He asked if anyone needed new lungs and I stood as quickly as I could, holding my hands up, believing with everything in me for complete healing from the Lord. Eventually I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by youth that love me and were laying hands on me and praying for me. It is a moment I will never forget. In that moment I was changed and I will never be the same. I became the student and my students became the leaders. The Lord used them to speak life into my body and I became ALIVE.

To Him Be the Glory.