Praise the Invisible

(**This blog was written on the airplane out to California before my 26.2. That update coming soon!**)

No matter the run, no matter the distance, “somehow” my “random” shuffle of a playlist plays a Daniel Bashta song as the last song of my run. It blows my mind every time that Jesus even dictates the shuffle! He’s so good isn’t He? Sometimes it’s All Hail. Sometimes it’s Like a Lion. Sometimes it’s Praise the Lord.

This past week for my last long run before heading out for the big race, it was Praise the Invisible. As I approached the last .5 of my run, the first few notes started playing and tears just came to my eyes. “Praise the Invisible. Praise the Immortal One. Praise God Incarnate, Praise Father, Spirit, Son. For He is God. For He is Holy. For He, Holds the Keys to the grave and Forever He will reign.”

I ran that last .5 of my 12 mile run singing and worshipping (pretty sure my neighbors think I’m crazy by now). For He is the only wise and eternal King. He deserves all honor and glory. I finished that last run strong and thanking Him.

Sunday am, worship started and wouldn’t you know the very first song we start singing is Praise the Invisible. I sat down right there and wept.

He is in the details. He cares about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE. He cares about things that bring you joy like running and He heals even when doctors say the opposite.

May you be encouraged today. Know He is God. He is Holy. He is the only wise Eternal King. Praise the Invisible.