Over the Valley, Through the Jungle, Across the Pond…Jesus said Go.

I love what I do. I love my students. I love seeking the Lords heart for my students. I love hearing His heart for my students. I love when I don’t have a clue what it is He wants us to do. I believe it is out of this state of desperation that He comes like a mighty rushing wind. I love when He downloads it out of nowhere and you didn’t see it coming and it leaves you in a big puddle of a mess because you know it is nothing but Him. Yes, Yes, that is what the summer of 2017 will be for the McLendons.

Jesus. Jesus said Go. We don’t always know what it will look like and that is okay, but we do know that He said Go. He said go tell your neighbor about me. He said go tell your classmates about me. He said go to the grocery store and share about me. He said go to the widowed, the brokenhearted, the rich, the poor. Go.
“Going” for the McLendons has had many faces over the past eleven years. This year looks more different than it ever has before, but the impact is one that we are undone by and eternally grateful that Jesus would choose us to lead. If you don’t mind, we would like to take a moment and tell you about it – simply to ask you to pray for us! I (Kristin) have the honor and privilege of leading a “get your feet wet” trip to Costa Rica desiring to introduce our students to missions and show them Jesus’ heart for when He said Go. We will continue our partnership with the Abraham Project in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Abraham Project just broke ground on Phase Two that will house two new Children’s Homes! Please pray for our students that they would fall in love with Jesus’ heart for the Nations and they would come into an understanding of their calling in His Kingdom.
Robert is leading a “next step” trip to The Isle of Lewis, Scotland to challenge our students in sharing Christ with those that do not know Him. They will have many opportunities to share Jesus with peers of their own age. Please pray for our students, that they will be deeply rooted in Him as they will encounter peers of their own age that do not know Him – many that are proclaiming atheists or agnostic. 
Please pray protection over both teams. Please pray for unity amongst our teams. We are extremely excited about the plans the Lord has for our Student Ministry as we feel the impact is huge. He is obviously sending us out to two physical places, but the impact that is able to be done in our hearts is even greater. 
We simply write this today to update you to share the stirrings in our hearts and how the Lord is leading the McLendons and to say we covet your prayers. We can not do this without you. 
Below are some pictures of past teams, but the locations of where we are going just to help give you a visual. To stay up to date with the teams you can click here:
It is over the valleys, through the jungles, and across the pond that we go. 
Love, Robert, Kristin, and Jude
RiverStone Youth Scotland Team 2016

RiverStone Youth Costa Rica Team 2015