December 10, 2017

Simply Rest.


Advent. It is such a beautiful season and calling in the midst of what some call the busiest time of the year. Holiday parties, presents to buy, cards to address, all while The still small voice beckons, “My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me” (Song of Songs 2:10). Every year I know I am suppose to “add” advent into our Christmas family routine, but it feels like one more thing to do (any mamas out there feel me?). Just writing the “add” is where the moment went wrong.

Jesus beckons those sweet words “come with me” because that is His tender love towards us. In the midst of busy, he simply is saying come and rest in my presence. To quote the wonderful Ann Vonskamp, “When you are wrung out, that is the sign that you have been reaching for rungs. The work of the very heart of salvation is the very heart of Christmas: simply rest” (The Greatest Gift).

I am thankful for a Jesus that would send a winter wonderland in the midst of busy and make this mama heart be still. To be still in the calm, the snuggles of a 6 year old boy, and positioning my heart to receive in the season of waiting. Simply Rest.


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