These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.

Many of you friends have probably seen the amazing FLASH SALE going on with my beloved company YOUNG LIVING Essential Oils this week! There’s so much goodness going on, I thought I would pick my TOP FIVE for you!

*Disclaimer – they are ALL GOOD and this is an amazing GRATITUDE sale from Young Living – but here are MY FAVORITES!

  1. Aria Diffuser (pictured). Hands Down. This is the most beautiful piece of art we have in our living room (home?). The moment we walk in the door, we turn it on and it fills the entire downstairs with goodness. It is worth the investment to have this beauty – it plays music, both your own or a soft melody of chimes to calm your home.
  2. Christmas Spirit. I know “Christmas” but when I eliminated all the candles in our home due to the toxins that they are known to release (equal to cigarette smoke people), I still wanted just a fresh, crisp smell to the air. Enter Christmas Spirit. I diffuse this year round and call this my “hospitality oil.” The moment people are coming over, in it goes to my diffuser.
  3. Motivation Oil. Yep. All in the name and Amen. I need a kick in my pants every once in awhile and keep this oil on deck.
  4. Digize Oil. For all the tummy aches. We have had our fair share of tummy troubles with our little guy and we do not leave home without this oil. All mommies out there unite.
  5. Thieves Veggie & Fruit Spray. Thankful for the little things to have in my arsenal to know that what I am feeding my family is safe & clean.


What I want to try:

  1. I have had my eye on the Rainstone Diffuser. I *almost have a diffuser in every room and I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile 🙂
  2. Cool Azul Sports Gel – I’ve heard amazing things about this and I know my muscles will thank me.
  3. And well everything else on the list – if you haven’t tried the make up yet – that holiday collection or lipgloss?!?!

What are your favorites and what are you grabbing during this Gratitude Sale? A slap bracelet for your kiddo? BBQ set for Father’s Day?

How to stock up?

Part of Our Oily Family? Free Shipping for you from me! Sign into your Virtual Office & have fun! (Complete List of Sale Items, Click Here).

New to Essential Oils and don’t know where to start? We have an amazing community that will help you every step of the way called the Golden Drop Society.  and we’d love to journey with you! For my story Click Here.

Comment below and tell me what you are stocking up on this week!

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